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AnimaPlus Inc. Veterinary Group


Our tips

For the AnimaPlus veterinary Group, the healthy of animals greatly depends on education of people. Feel free to read our many practical tips through our digital magazine. Good reading !

Love Care Heal

Our AnimaPlus Family

Our mission

AnimaPlus is the result of the association of five veterinary hospitals, which allows the group to offer the best veterinary availability possible and a wide range of services. AnimaPlus is also very involved in each of the communities where it operates. AnimaPlus has advanced expertise in veterinary services for cats, dogs and all types of exotic animals

Our values


The mission of AnimaPlus is based on three essential values: love animals, provide them care and heal them.

Love through all the interactions we have with your pet, either in the veterinary office, at various community events or simply when we ran into each other while you’re walking your dog.

Care with the pleasure of pampering your pet, providing preventive treatments and giving you helpful advice to improve its well-being.

Heal your pet by using our knowledge and the resources of our veterinary facilities to administer curative treatments. We know and understand that your pet is an integral part of your life, and this is why healing animals is our passion.

Our team

Our veterinaries and animal health technicians possess the experience that allows them to meet the needs of four-legged, feathered and scaled pets.

At AnimaPlus veterinary hospitals, our main concern is the well-being of animals, from prevention to pain control.