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Dr. Karine Paquet


Dr. Karine Paquet Description

She has always been fond of animals. Most children would buy their parents small treats like candies from the corner store. Not her. She would bring back kittens or rabbits bought at the neighbourhood pet shop. Imagine the surprise of her parents! This love of animals would prompt her and her boyfriend to buy a dog, and surprisingly, two more dogs only a few months later! This marked the beginning of a great journey. One of the dogs was always sick, so she had to visit several veterinary hospitals as a client. It is then that she decided to change career, from childhood educator to veterinarian.

Studying veterinary medicine was not enough for her. Wanting to help distressed animals, she was also working at the Faculty’s rescue centre for cats and dogs. During her studies, she won an Award from the AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association). She started her career in the Montérégie region and went back to her native Quebec City to work at Hôpital vétérinaire Moffet. Her main interests are internal medicine, soft tissue surgery, and dermatology. She always has a good spirit and displays high energy, knowing that she would meet new patients and take on new challenges on a daily basis! She still lives with her boyfriend, their two wonderful daughters who also love animals, and the two dogs (Potter and Moka) they bought spontaneously several years ago.

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