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Dr. Istvan Deak


Dr. Istvan Deak Description

A native of Romania, Dr. Istvan Deak spent his summer surrounded by animals at his grandparents’ farm where he developed a passion for caring for animals and healing them. Following his vocational training in animal health technique, he studied in nursing, but realizing it was not his true calling, he abandoned his courses and enrolled in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. After completing six years of studies, Dr. Deak started his career in a rural area where he was taking care of dairy cows, horses, and pigs. Ten years in his career, he left his native country to come to Canada where he pursued his professional path in the preclinical study field. This new experience gave him the opportunity to work with other species, including monkeys, rats, mice, and rabbits. After nine years, he left the field of veterinary research and joined AnimaPlus Veterinary Group where he takes on new challenges on a daily basis while working with a team that he greatly appreciates. His interests are in ophthalmology, internal medicine, and dentistry.

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