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Dr. Dalia Kachef


Dr. Dalia Kachef Description

While Dr. Dalia Kachef was born in Montreal and raised in the Plateau neighbourhood, she has also lived in Indonesia, Romania, Egypt and England. At the age of three, she told her parents she wanted to become a veterinarian. This was when they bought her first stethoscope. While she was in Romania, she witnesses cruelty against animals, which convinced her to study in veterinary medicine.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Science from the Campus MacDonald of McGill University. McGill. Afterward, she studied veterinary medicine in Australia, New Zealand, and in South Africa where she had the opportunity to take some courses.

Before joining the AnimaPlus team of the Laurier Veterinary Hospital, she practiced at the Vancouver Animal Emergency Centre and Brookswood Veterinary Hospital in the Fraser Valley. She came back to Montreal in 2010 and now lives on the Plateau with her family and her many cats, and close to all her patients.

Through her various veterinary experiences, Dr. Kachef has developed a keen interest in emergency medicine and internal medicine.

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