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Dr. Alexandre Sénécal


Dr. Alexandre Sénécal Description

It’s after adopting his first dog, a two-month beagle full of fleas found on a farm, that he gradually developed an interest in veterinary medicine. He soon realized how useful his knowledge in veterinary medicine would be to treat his dog – that lived 16 years despite several health problems. Following his studies at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Saint-Hyacinthe, from 1996 to 2000, he found a job in a clinic in the Quebec City region where he was treating both farm animals and domestic pets. He has since concentrated most of his time on domestic animals but still treats farm animals. Dr. Alexandre Sénécal is versatile and always eager to learn something new. He has recently developed his knowledge about the micro-pig, a new pet to discover. His main interests in veterinary medicine are dentistry, at-home care, and the well-being of his small (and larger) patients.

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