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The Neutering of your pet

The evolution of new surgical and anaesthetic techniques combined with clinical researches proves that there are many benefits of having domestic animals (dogs and cats) as young as eight-week-old neutered. Here are some of the many reasons that may convince you to have your pet neutered at a very young age:

  1. Better socialization with other pets
  2. Persistence of juvenile behaviors and greater emotional stability
  3. Surgery that is easy and fast, and often painless
  4. Minimum stress since post-surgery recovery is shorter
  5. May be combined with another surgery (for example, onychectomy, hernia, etc.)
  6. Allows for a better control of animal overpopulation
  7. Studies have shown that neutering reduces euthanasia due to various behavioral problems (house-training, aggressiveness, etc.)
  8. Dog breeders can sell animals they won’t use for breeding much faster
  9. Does not contribute to obesity, inactivity and lethargy in adult animal
  10. Studies have shown a significant reduction of prostate problems (hypertrophy and tumors, mammary tumors in female cat and dog, as well as tumors of the anus
  11. Neutering eliminates the possibility of pyometra (malignant uterine infection) in female pets
  12. Neutering reduces bad odors related to hormones and anal glands
  13. Neutering also prevents:
    1. In male:
      1. Scent marking with urine
      2. Masturbation
      3. Running away due to mating urges
      4. Aggressiveness
      5. Infection of penis foreskin
    2. In female:
      1. Bleeding in the house
      2. Unwanted gestation
      3. Running away due to mating urges
      4. Uterine infection, cystitis, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian to learn more about your pet’s neutering.

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