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Dental Care

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The dental care of your pet

What can beat a nice smile with beautiful white teeth?

Our pets can’t tell us when they have a toothache. They may continue to eat (or at least try to) like nothing’s wrong, but they may be silently in pain due to the poor condition of their teeth.

When tartar deposits are important, bad breath or halitosis may become unbearable for a pet’s owner. Fortunately, there are several ways to prevent or reduce tartar formation, including tooth brushing using enzymatic toothpaste or feeding your pet dental care food that produces a mechanical rubbing on the teeth. Veterinary dentistry services are also a good solution, among others, for the removal of plaque with or without extraction depending on the seriousness of the situation.

Maintaining your pet’s good oral health will ensure it enjoys the best possible quality of life and that it will be able to eat without experiencing any pain. If you have doubts concerning the oral health of your animal, do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian.

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