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Many factors may affect the behaviour of an animal. If you have problems dealing with certain behaviors, there are several solutions to solve the issue.

Obedience courses have many benefits, especially when they are given by a qualified person that uses positive reinforcement. In addition to teaching your pet the basic commands, obedience courses provide a great opportunity to socialize your puppy and introduce working habits. Some studies even recommend starting obedience courses before the end of the vaccination schedule since the risk of euthanasia are more often due to behavioral problems than if an animal catches a contagious disease.

There are however situations which require the services of a professional; this is where behavioral therapy comes in. In the case of behavioral problems such as anxiety and particularly aggressiveness, it is best to see a behaviorist veterinarian. It is rare that dogs showing signs of aggressiveness are inherently vicious. On the contrary, they are more likely scared or mentally ill. Despite good intentions, a non-adequate technique based on punishment may even worsen the situation.

In doubt, consult your veterinarian that will be able to advise you or give the necessary care that requires your animal’s particular situation.


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