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For the AnimaPlus veterinary Group, the healthy of animals greatly depends on education of people. Feel free to read our many practical tips through our digital magazine. Good reading !

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Six tips to encourage your cat to drink more water

Since their ancestors were living in the desert, cats have a tendency not to drink enough water. They have an excellent ability to concentrate  urine since water can be scarce in the wild. Still, water is essential to maintain their good health and prevent dehydration. It is important that your purring friend drinks enough water. How to encourage your cat to drink more water? Here are six tips to help you!

1) Give him fresh water and make sure to keep it clean

Your cat’s water must be refreshing and clean. Water should be changed daily ideally. You can use ice cubes to cool the water.

2) Use a water fountain

Moving water will appeal to your cat’s hunting instinct and encourage him to drink more!

3) Place the water bowl away from the litter

Cats don’t like to eat or drink right next to where they relieve themselves… We totally understand!

4) Use a large water bowl

Cats hate when their whiskers touch the sides of the bowl. Make sure to use a bowl large enough.

5) Fill water bowl to the brim

Cats hate having to pur their head in the bowl. They prefer a bowl that is filled near the edge or shallow.

6) Feed him canned food

Canned food is moist and has a higher water content than dry food. By eating canned food, your cat will absorb more water.

If these tips do not work with your cat, contact your nearest AnimaPlus clinic and discuss your cat’s hydratation habits with one of our veterinarian.

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