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A cage to ensure the safety of your puppy!

July 3, 2015

Several people don’t want to use a cage for their puppy because they are under the impression that it’s a form of punishment or imprisonment. On the contrary, the cage an important asset for housetraining and is also essential to ensure its protection when you’re not home or during the night.

A puppy that is left home alone does not have guidance and will spend its excess of energy by exploring its environment, which can lead to destruction, ingestion of various objects and defecation indoor.

Dr. Karine Barry from AnimaPlus Veterinary Hospital knows very well what can be the consequences of leaving a puppy home alone. Recently she had to perform emergency surgery to remove a hundred rocks from the stomach of Balto, a beautiful seven-month-old Bernese mountain dog, and she had to hospitalize Tommy, a very sweet eight-month-old German Shepherd that had ingested motor oil while he was left alone in the garage.

For all those reasons, using a cage for puppies serves at protecting them and preventing accidents. Plus it is a good way to make them acquire good manners at an early age, which ensures they will behave when they are old enough to be left alone and free in the house. Feel free to contact our team. We will help you make the right choice of cage and use it properly to train your puppy and ensure its safety.


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