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Did you know that your veterinarian plays also the role of a doctor, dentist, surgeon, dietetist and even pharmacist for your animal?

25 August 2015

Today, we would like to explain the duties, responsibilities and liability of this health professional concerning the dispense of medication for your pet.

First, your animal needs to have his annual health exam in the last twelve months for us to prescribe a medication. A medical file explaining his condition and the requirement of the medication must be attached. A precised posology corresponding to the breed and weight of your animal must be well indicated. Often, a veterinary hospital will have its own pharmacy, because most of the veterinary medications are approved for specific species. Sometimes, the veterinarian will have a prescription prepared by a veterinary pharmacy so it will be more adapted for your animal (specific flavour, transdermic preparation…)

We would like also to warn you against  medication sold on internet (virtual pharmacy). We cannot be sure of the quality of the product, neither we can know the origin of it. Every year, more than a million of counterfeit medicinal products are seized by and customs, and virtual pharmacies websites and clandestine labs are dismantled. Who would really like to take a chance to buy a drug that we know nothing from, neither the origin, quality, even toxicity, just to save a few dollars?  Your veterinary prescription is also valid only in Quebec, and because these virtual pharmacies are often not located in Quebec, it might not even be honored.

We encourage you to read online on the dangers of buying drugs online.

Your veterinarian is without a doubt the most qualified person to judge what is the best medication for your animal’s condit

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