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For the AnimaPlus veterinary Group, the healthy of animals greatly depends on education of people. Feel free to read our many practical tips through our digital magazine. Good reading !

Love Care Heal

A daycare centre for kittens? Why not?

February 18, 2016

At first, the idea seems foolish but on the contrary, it’s quite brilliant! Puppies learn to socialize during their obedience and training courses, and this plays an important role in their behavioural development. Yet we don’t think to do the same for our young felines. Yet like puppies, socializing 8- to 15-week kittens is very important. At that age, anything new is very interesting and enriching, and kittens accept more easily to be touched. They are also less afraid of other cats, other animals, noises, and new environments. The idea is to bring your kitten meet with a group of kittens of the same age over a few weeks (all kittens must be previously vaccinated against the feline respiratory disease and feline leukemia virus) so it will interact with other kittens, play and learn to inhibit and control its urge to bite. Of course, these sessions are under the supervision of specialists such as feline behaviourists or animal health technicians. Getting the kitten out of the house once a week accustoms it to car travel and transport cage. This socialization will have a beneficial impact and contribute to reducing stress and anxiety when the kitten reaches adulthood.

A well-educated kitten? Yes, it’s possible!


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