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For the AnimaPlus veterinary Group, the healthy of animals greatly depends on education of people. Feel free to read our many practical tips through our digital magazine. Good reading !

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Summer dangers for our feline friends

3 June 2015

Cats are very much exposed to exterior dangers during the hot season.
Heat may affect them as much as it can affect our dogs.  Keep your cats indoor as much as possible when there is a big heat wave and make sure that they have fresh water and a place to cool off.
A cat that suffers from heat may pant like a dog.  This is a signal that you must cool him down quickly.A few more things to think about:1) Wild animal bites
****Vaccinate your cat against RABIES, outdoor cat or not! (a cat is very quick to run out the door…)****

2) Ticks and fleas infestation
**Prevention products should be apply all year long!**

3) Wasps and  spiders
**Destroy all nests around your house and garden**

4) Mosquito bites that may transmit heartworms
**Prevention medication products should be apply all year.

5) Insecticides

6) Toxic plants and trees

For a pleasant and safe summer, remember that forewarned is forearmed!

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