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Litter boxes what, where and how?

30 June 2015

I grew up and currently live in the plateau with my family which includes a 2 year old small female cat named Billie-jean (yup just like the MJ song). I have a small apartment no basement or garage that means the litter box needs to be in the house and we see it and smell it every day. At vet school we are taught that you need 2 litter boxes per cat! This comes as a shock when I tell clients and it is almost unrealistic for most of our plateau and Mile End clients.

I would say a significant amount of clients who visit us tell me that there is one litter box in the house and it’s either in the kitchen or the bathroom. For anyone living in a small space with one or more cats I have come up with a list of the best products and tricks that I use to minimize the smell and inconvenience of the litter box in my living space.

#1 the type of litter you use is incredibly important. I use The Worlds Best Cat Litter (yes that’s its name) because honestly I truly believe it is the best. A large bag will last me about 6 months (I am not kidding!), It’s a corn base litter and is safe to flush down the toilet (it won’t clog up your plumbing). Why I love this litter is because it clumps really well and doesn’t break apart meaning very little wasted litter and there is almost no smell!

#2 When I adopted Billie-Jean from the SCPA they gave us a Litter Locker which is was developed in Quebec and is ONE OF THE GREATEST inventions ever for someone living in a small space. You scoop the litter into the top, pull out a lever and all the waste falls into a bag where it stays sealed till you remove the bag. Why it’s great is that there is NO SMELL!

#3 Scoop everyday! Checking the litter box and scooping it out everyday means you can check on your cat and keep the box clean. If the cat doesn’t have another litter box to go to then this one should be as clean as possible at all times.

#4 Keep an open litter box. It is tempting to buy a litter box with a cover especially if your feline friend is prone to tossing litter out of the box however a litter box with a cover is not generally enjoyed by cats. The smell of ammonia can be intensified in a small enclosed space which is not appealing to cats. A large litter box with high sides on three of the four sides is an ideal litter box for cats. You may want to invest in a litter catcher mat which helps trap litter being tossed out or on your cats feet.

#5 Location. Select a spot that is not too high traffic. Cats prefer a little privacy when doing their business. Sometimes if there is too much noise or activity they will use another spot in the house which we do not want to encourage!

There you have it, a couple of tips for better living with a cat in a small plateau apartment. If your cat is urinating inappropriately it is always best to make sure there is not a medical reason with your veterinarian. I am always happy to discuss any of this further so feel free to give me a call at Anima+Laurier anytime.

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